Easy Fitness Mistakes

Too many individuals begin an exercise routine and suddenly two or three weeks later they give up. Don’t let this happen to you this time around. Read what the biggest fitness mistakes below and then take steps to avoid becoming a victim.

Setting Unrealistic Exercise Goals

This just has to be one of the biggest mistakes people make. If your goal is to run a marathon, then don’t expect to do this within a month. It takes time for your body to adjust to a new routine and you have to build your stamina and endurance levels.

Your best course of action is to set mini goals for each week or month and work towards achieving them.

Doing Too Much Too Soon

This includes going full swing into an exercise routine. If you suddenly start exercising a couple of hours each day when you have done nothing before you are setting yourself up for failure.

What will happen if you start exercising too fast is that you will probably hurt yourself and experience joint or muscle pain. For example if you damage your knee muscle from over exercising it can take months to recover.

Start off slowly and as you find the exercise becoming easier add more to it. Small steps will be less stressful on your body. You will feel as though you are accomplishing something in return.

Poor Nutrition

Exercise and nutrition really do go hand in hand. If you start exercising but don’t watch what you eat then you won’t get the results you deserve. By eating in a healthy manner you will feel better and see results more quickly.

eat before exercising

The easiest changes you can make are to switch out foods like candy, chips and soft drinks for healthier alternatives. Try switching your soft drink to water or at least cut down on the amount you eat.

By adding more fresh fruits and vegetables you are helping build a stronger and healthier body. Your muscles, bones and organs will begin to work more efficiently.

You may find that eating a little more protein helps you with your exercise routine. Try to include small amounts of protein with each meal. This can include have an egg for breakfast, nuts as a snack and adding lean meats such as chicken and fish into your lunch and dinner.

More than Just Cardio

It is really important to understand that your body requires more than just cardio exercises. While doing cardio is great much of the time this only works the larger areas of your body. It is important to add exercises that workout other smaller areas.

This is why it is recommended that you add some type of weight or resistance training to your routine. This type of training helps to build your bone strength and helps sculpt and tone your body.

Don’t Become Obsessed with the Scale

This is a huge mistake that people make and is the one thing that can jeopardize your whole exercise regimen. There is nothing worse than exercising all week and eating correctly and then getting on the scale to see that you have gained weight.

weigh too often

You must remember that as you lose fat you will lose weight. When you start to build muscle you can actually gain weight. This is simply because muscle weighs more than fat!

Your main focus should be on losing fat and gaining muscle and not worrying about the number on the scale. Instead we suggest that you record your body measurements. This will give you a good indication that you are losing inches and that your body is changing.