Making Time to Exercise

One of the biggest excuses about exercising is not having enough time to fit it in. Discover how you can overcome these objections and find easy ways to fit exercise into your life. It all comes down to one thing, making time to exercise a priority.

Exercise Time Management

When planning your exercise time don’t go overboard. Think carefully about how much time you can devote to exercise each day or each week. You need to be realistic here, otherwise your well laid out plans won’t last very long.

If you are a morning person can you get up a little earlier to fit in a quick walk or bike ride? Even a quick 15 minute walk or ride can help get you off to a good start.

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Determine what your lifestyle will allow. If you have to get kids off to school can you exercise once they have left for the day? Do you live close enough that you could all walk or bike to school each day? Getting your kids involved in exercise is a smart idea and helps them understand the benefits of exercise at a younger age.

If you work can you fit in a quick 10 minute walk during your lunch break? Start taking the stairs at work and at the mall instead of the elevator.

Another great idea is to download some fitness apps to your smartphone. This allows you to try out several types of exercise plans. Then once you have found one that you really enjoy you can look into it some more. Apps can be downloaded for free or for just a couple of bucks.

Working Out When Time is Tight

If you find you have a really tough schedule there are still ways you can fit in some exercise. The easiest way to fit exercise time in is to schedule it into your calendar. Book yourself an exercise appointment and then stick to it!

Choose to exercise at a time when your energy level is high. If you find yourself tired and sluggish in the evening you probably won’t exercise. Maybe early morning or during your lunch break is a better solution.

By exercising when you feel more energetic you are more likely to stick with your routine and make it a habit. Three weeks of exercising will turn into a habit, you will start to look forward to working out and will miss it if you skip a session.

If time is a problem try adding in three 10 minute exercise sessions with each one lasting about 10 minutes.

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Choosing an exercise that you really enjoy will help you fit in exercise time. May be you can get together with some co-workers and organize an exercise group. This could be as simple as getting together before or after work each day and walking.

You may enjoy tennis, dancing, yoga or want to take a self defence class. By doing something that you enjoy or by learning something new you are more likely to stick with it longer.

There is always some type of new exercise trend going on. Everyone joins in but what happens is when this trend slows down your enjoyment levels drops and you stop going. Plus the hottest exercise class may be more expensive.

Many workplaces have wellness groups now could be the perfect time for you to join. If you don’t have one try to see if they are willing to organize one, other workers will probably be eager to help get one created.

walking as exercise

If you sit at a desk all day then try doing simple exercises at your desk. This can include stretching, yoga moves and neck and shoulder shrugs. You should always try to get up at least once an hour and move around. Even if this is to only stretch your legs or go get a drink of water.

Remember that just moving more is going to help your body become more flexible. Try to walk around more often. Park further away from your office building and if you take public transport get off one or two stops earlier.

Do you live close enough to work that you could walk or cycle there a couple of times a week?

When making time for exercise is a problem bear in mind that seeing actual results of your exercise routine will take time to notice. You will feel results sooner, your clothes may start to become looser, you will start to sleep better and have more energy.



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