Exercising with Health Issues

It’s very likely that one of the reasons that you are not currently exercising is due to an injury. What many don’t realize is that the best way to recover is to actually start exercising the injured muscle or joint. Yes this is going to hurt to a point but you will want to exercise under the close supervision of your doctor or therapist.

Whether the injury was a major one or you somehow hurt a muscle group and it just isn’t getting any better. Muscles that don’t feel as though they are healing are feeling tight and sore because they have contracted.

For example if you damage the knee muscle in your knee area known as the meniscus your best course of action is to start working out your knee. Physiotherapy can help get you mobile again. Your therapist will recommend using a stationary bike with a very low resistance to get your movement back again.

Within two to three weeks you will start doing leg exercises and slowly add weights to your ankle. This process may hurt to some extend but you have to get your muscles stretched again. Building up your meniscus is important so that your knee bones don’t start to rub against one another.

If you are dealing with any type of injury then see your doctor for advice first. Exercise slowly and remember to apply ice to the injured area after working out. You should feel your joint or muscle area improve within the first few weeks of moderate exercise. The key is to keep exercising regularly and to slowly build the intensity.

Top Exercise Tips:

• Do a few stretches before starting your main exercise
• Listen to your body and identify pain as opposed to soreness
• Slowly decrease the intensity level before ending your workout
• Perform stretches again
• Ice the injured area

If you have suffered a major injury then seek medical advice before starting on any type of fitness routine. Just be aware that getting back into exercise can help the injured area recover faster and help you get your mobility back.

exercise injury

Modifying Your Workout Routine

Even if you are feeling really sore or a bump has suddenly developed on your hand you can still exercise by doing different things. Learning how to modify your exercise routine will be very important.

For example you may have hurt your hand so you can’t lift weights today. Instead you can go for a walk or a swim. While walking you can stop and do leg squats, arm circles, neck stretches and hamstring curls. If you normally run change to riding a bike or walking or going for a swim at your local pool. Before you know it you have your 30 minutes of exercise in and can head home for a nice cup of tea or coffee.

For smaller injuries there really is no reason why you can’t switch your routine and exercises that day. For any major injury then icing the area and resting is your best course of action. Any pain or swelling that doesn’t subside in a couple of days should be seen by a medical professional.

Types of Exercises

There are hundreds of different exercises that you can do. Just take a quick look through the available exercise DVD’s and videos available at sites like Amazon. You could easily select a couple of different workout routines and try them all.

As we mentioned before doing an exercise which you like will be really key. You are more likely to stick with it than if you try the latest fad just because all your friends are doing it.

If you haven’t exercised in a while you really are better off starting with something simple like going for a walk or taking a swim. Swimming is really beneficial for your joints and water aerobic classes are very effective. This can be a good choice if you have joints that ache or if you have knee problems. You can start moving again without putting too much weight on your joints. Then as you lose weight or increase your mobility you can begin to add other exercises to your routine.

Another popular exercise is Yoga and this can be done by taking a yoga class or at home using a Yoga DVD. Just be sure to pick up a beginners DVD and watch it through first before attempting the class.

practice yoga

Cycling is yet another great exercise which can be done in various ways. Spinning classes are extremely popular and this trend is expected to increase over the next couple of years. Working out on a stationary bike is perfect for those living in areas where weather conditions aren’t suitable for year round biking.

Mountain biking is a wonderful way to get out and see some local scenery. This is a good way to spend time with your family by making it a day out and taking a picnic lunch with you. Just remember to take an emergency repair kit with you incase you get a flat tire.

Dance Fitness is huge and currently Zumba classes are leading the way in popularity. These classes are based on Latin American dancing with movements that are easy to do. The music has an uplifting beat to it which no doubts contributes to making you feel energized while dancing. Plus Zumba is great for kids and seniors alike, another great idea for doing some family fitness together.

Core training is an important part of your fitness routine and should be incorporated two to three times per week. Core training places its emphasizes on the middle area of the body including your stomach muscles, pelvis and lower back which all help protect your lower back. Developing strong hip and lower back muscles also improves the condition of your knee muscles. Core training classes are opening up in gyms everywhere.

Training drills are exercises which can be done anywhere and don’t require any special equipment. Training drills include exercises such as high knee stepping, side shuffles and walking quickly backwards a few yards and then rushing forwards. Training drills are excellent to use as a calorie burn workout.

Senior fitness classes are becoming very popular and include exercise specifically designed with seniors in mind. These classes are aimed at helping seniors get mobile and active again. Senior fitness classes include swimming classes, yoga, tai chi, Zumba and walking groups.

Should You Use a Personal Trainer?

There seems to be a trend today for hiring a personal trainer but are they really worth the money? One of the biggest benefits of hiring a personal trainer is getting one on one instruction. With this type of instruction you can be certain that you are performing each exercise correctly. Plus a good personal trainer can help motivate you and help you reach your goals.

It is normally the cost of hiring a trainer that turns people off. Personal trainers can be expensive for sure and it depends on what your fitness goals are. Are you training to run a marathon or enter an iron man competition? If so, the cost might be worth it.

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One popular option which is showing up in many fitness clubs is that of sharing a personal trainer. This normally involves 2 or 3 other people training at the same time. This still allows you to receive personalized instruction but at a much cheaper price.

When looking into hiring a personal trainer there are a few points you want to take into consideration:

• What are their credentials?
• Do they perform a fitness evaluation?
• Do they take a personal history on you which should include a medical and fitness history?
• Will they design an individualized program for you?
• Are reassessments and adjustments to your training schedule done on a regular basis?

If all of the above points are covered then the chances that you have discovered a good personal trainer are good. Of course when you meet the person you can tell almost immediately if you will get along with them. Remember you will have to take their advice and their aim is to help you achieve your goals along the way.

Hiring a personal trainer is a personal choice. It may be worth hiring one for six weeks so you can get an exercise program developed for you. Then all you have to do is follow it. This option is often a good solution for those with a limited budget.

Hopefully you now have a good understand of what fitness is all about and why you should be exercising regularly. This report has covered various types of exercises and fitness options and there should be at least one or two that has sparked some interest for you.

Remember that as an adult you need to exercise for at least 21/2 hours per week and take at least one rest day. By adding some resistance or weight training you will be strengthening your body and your muscle mass. This is extremely important as keeping your mobility as you age is vital. This will allow you to spend time with your grandchildren and have the energy to keep up with them!


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